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Rosa Niphetos And A Plague Of Dandelions

Rosa Niphetos and a plague of dandelions

Lady Sandwich writes:

This week I’ll focus on just two things: a special rose in the Orangery and dandelions!

The rose in the Orangery is rosa Niphetos, often called the Wedding Rose and very popular in 19th century wedding bouquets. She’s a French tea rose, introduced in 1889, with blousy white flowers and a delicate tea scent. The joy of these old climbers is the flowers droop so you can touch and smell them (unlike the stiff hybrid tea climbers of today).

Dandelions. We have just got through the first April plague of dandelions, thank goodness. I know you won’t believe this but it’s true. My husband and I have just been on holiday in central Asia and he actually asked me to photograph dandelions in Samarkand. Garden visitors, if you want to pick dandelion flowers, please take them to the potshop and the lady there will give a small treat for every ten.


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