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Beavers Sponsorship

£120.00 / year


The introduction of beavers to Mapperton Estate was a major objective for our rewilding project. Woody and Twiggy, our two beavers, have been with us since the Autumn of 2022 and are thriving in their specially designed enclosure, an environment that enables them to explore and perform all their natural behaviours.

Beavers are a keystone species and are known as ‘ecosystem engineers’. This is due to the changes they make to their habitat. Beaver dams help with flood alleviation by holding back heavy rainfall, allowing water to release slowly downstream. This can in turn create wetland habitats supporting an array of other wildlife and increasing biodiversity. The dams also act as sediment traps and help to capture pollutants, thus contributing to improved water quality within the natural river system.

By sponsoring our beavers for £120 per year, you will be helping to support these ‘ecosystem engineers’ as they change their habitat to benefit other wildlife and vegetation.

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