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Jacob Sheep Sponsorship

£120.00 / year


The original flock of Jacob sheep were given to the current Earl of Sandwich’s father on his 70th birthday and the flock have been maintained here at Mapperton ever since. Although the flock started out as a present, they have become a gift, particularly for Mapperton’s Rewilding Project.

Being good grazers sheep are particularly important in encouraging the regeneration of wildflower meadows. They keep the coarse grass and invasive weeds, such as ragwort, low and provide enough fertiliser without making the ground too rich for the wildflowers to flourish.

We also use their wool to supress weeds around new tree planting. So as well as providing aesthetics to the parkland – who can resist those gorgeous faces? – our Jacob sheep flock have become an essential element to Mapperton’s rewilding.

By sponsoring our Jacob Sheep flock for £120 per year, you will be helping to maintain these adorable animals and their vital role in conserving the natural wild lands of Mapperton.

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