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Tamworth Pigs Sponsorship

£120.00 / year


In the early summer of 2023, we saw the arrival of 2 Tamworth sows, one of which was pregnant and the new litter of three piglets were born on the 26th June. Tamworth pigs are a favourite breed for rewilding projects where they can play the role of the wild boar, particularly where they replicate the rootling behaviour. Almost ploughing the top layer of ground as they rootle in search of food, the pigs disturb the soil and create bare ground. This is important as it encourages the regeneration of vegetation and disrupts invasive grasses, allowing wildflower and native grasses to take hold. A native and hardy rare breed, the Tamworth pigs play an important role in rewilding the site at Mapperton.

By sponsoring our Tamworth pigs for £120 per year, you will be helping to maintain these highly intelligent animals and their vital role in conserving the natural wild lands of Mapperton.

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