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White Park Cattle Sponsorship

£120.00 / year


The White Park is one of the most ancient breeds of cattle in Britain and have been introduced onto Mapperton wildlands as a ‘proxy’ for extinct cattle as they are highly adapted for our local conditions. They thrive on a wide variety of grazing vegetation, from poor coarse forage to rich lowland pastures, and happily winter outdoors on rougher grazing.

Because of their preference for coarser herbage and being a robust, adaptable breed, the White Park cattle are an important group of animals in Mapperton’s conservation plan. Trampling low scrub and bracken, breaking up mats of dead litter, they are beneficial in a botanically diverse meadow.

Their distinctive white coat and black points are so appealing and we have enjoyed having these cattle on our parkland since Autumn 2021. By sponsoring our White Park herd for £120 per year, you will be helping to maintain these attractive animals and the key role they play in conserving Mapperton’s wildlands.

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