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Mapperton Update!

Mapperton Orangery with Crab Apple blossom.

Who would have thought that the comings and goings here at Mapperton would be watched by so many people from all over the world?

We are delighted that the Mapperton Live videos on YouTube now have an amazing 100k followers and, wait for it, five million views!

Julie and Luke launched the channel to take viewers backstage at Mapperton and see just what goes into running and maintaining the estate. We have loved bringing everyone into the Mapperton world and have so much more to come in the future so make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel!

Catch up now! Mapperton Live YouTube

Julien back in the 18th century swimming pool!

Good news – Julie has donned her fabulous bathing cap again and is back in the pool!

You will recall that leaks and yet more leaks meant that the fabulous 18th century pool that forms a centrepiece of the gardens needed a lot of work to make it watertight.

The repairs are now complete; it’s full of water and all those frogs can get back to where they belong. You can watch Julie re-enter the water aided and abetted by Luke on dry land, on one of the coldest spring days we can remember! It’s thanks to our Patrons that we were able to restore the pool – we couldn’t have done it without them!

Join us as a Patreon

There’s no better way to discover the estate here at Mapperton than by joining one of our wonderful Mapperton Wildlands tours. 

There’s lot’s coming up in the next few months including on Sunday the 8th of May and the 29th May we’ll be out bright and early on our Dawn Chorus at Mapperton. We will hear the wonderful array of bird song that rings out across the marshes, meadows, scrubland and woodlands of Coltleigh in the spring. We can expect to hear 30 or more species on our morning walk including various tits, warblers, doves, thrushes, and finches. 

You can also join us at the beginning of our rewilding journey at Mapperton and take our Introduction to Rewilding at Mapperton tour on Sunday the 15th of May. During this morning walk we will describe the project work underway and explore an extensive area of grassland, marsh and scrub at the very beginning of this journey.  We will also track down the magnificent herd of White Park cattle, one of England oldest native breeds.

Find out more about Mapperton Wildlands

The new Mapperton Walks map.

If you would like to discover the Mapperton area yourself we are delighted to launch Mapperton Walks – a map of the local area with three different walk options. A new way for you to explore the countryside around Mapperton! 

Maps can be downloaded from our website or picked up in the Coach House Cafe!

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